Greybeard IPA | Pisgah Brewing Company

April 11, 2017

Greybeard IPA | Pisgah Brewing Company
-Style: American IPA 
-ABV: 6.9% 
This American style IPA takes inspiration and it's naming from black mountain's highest summit. Using whole leaf hops adds to this earthy and local style on this beer. The aroma is piney and sweet, flares with hops and citrus. The head is playful, light, and sticky. With a very light yellow color the first taste is bitter and earthy that transitions into a piney and citrus mouthfeel that stands out in its profile. The combination stays consistent and the sweetness cuts through the hops to bring an awesome flavor. Unique, local, fresh, and earthy in every way. This American IPA by Pisgah is worth every sip. Thank you Pisgah Brewing and Boondocks Brewing for the bearded pint glass! 
By Jordan Propst

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