Grass Monkey | |SweetWater Brewing Co.

April 20, 2017

Grass Monkey | |SweetWater Brewing Co.

-Style: American Wheat Pale Ale

-ABV: 5.4%

The color of this hoppy wheat ale is unique through it’s cloudy body and golden hue, it’s an unfiltered beer which adds to the earthy characteristics. Its aroma is citrus with lemongrass with a bite of pine, the foam head is white in color with a sticky top that evens out as you continue to drink. The first sip is a hoppy, citrus taste that finishes with notes of lemongrass that leaves a light, sour aftertaste in the mouthfeel. It’s sweet, hoppy, and balanced throughout the body of the wheat ale. It’s a sweet, earthy style that wheat, light beer, pale ale, and even sour drinkers will enjoy! Thank you SweetWater Brewing.

By Jordan Propst

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