Golden Fleece | Quest Brewing Company

August 15, 2017

Golden Fleece | Quest Brewing Company 

Style: Belgian Pale Ale 

ABV: 4.5%


The Golden Fleece, a story of ancient gods and mythology brewed into this Belgian style ale from Quest Brewing. This BPA is reminesient of that Belgian ale style of beer with toasted malty notes and less bitter hop profiles. Golden Fleece stands out in it's muted and flavorul take on the style. The aroma is toasted with a hint of those hop character's, almost floral and sweet on the nose. The color is golden with a slight burnt clarity, some slight carbonation coming from the bottom. The foam head is tall with solid retention until it evens out halfway through the beer. The initial taste is slightly dry and malty with a smooth hop finish that brings together a crisp, balanced taste. The mouthfeel is a little thick at first, but mellows and soften's those sharp malty notes. Low in alcohol, sitting at 4.5% with enough flavor to give you and easy drinknig belgian pale ale. Light, tasty, and distinct in character anyone can enjoy a Golden Fleece. Thank you Quest Brewing! 

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