Fresh Squeezed IPA | Deschutes Brewery

August 30, 2017

Fresh Squeezed IPA | Deschutes Brewery 

Style: Indian Pale Ale 

ABV: 6.4% 


Fresh and delightful, I had the pleasure of having this on tap at Ransom formly known as Murphy's (As I will always remember it by). It was awesome on tap and one of my favorites to snag while at King Street bars; I was stoked to see they were now being distributed here in NC. Now that I've had the oppurtunity to try it from their bottle, my expectations were high and instantly met. The aroma is fresh and citrus with sweet hops at the nose of the beer, you get a wiff of those nice hop notes and a sort of piney scent. The body is nicely carbonated coming from the bottom of this India Pale Ale and the color holds a nice dark, orange hue with a fluffy and sticky- tan foam head. The first taste is sweet and citrusy with a nice fresh, hop finish giving you a slight hop bite in the mouthfeel that reminds you of it's character. It's such a juicy and light IPA, but still gives you a nice hop profile that keeps the flavor powerful, but light throughout. I am a hop head always, this will stand out as one of my favorite IPA's as of late. It's sweet and fresh taste balanced with it's hop bite is delcious and enjoyable. Thanks Deschutes and thanks for being here!

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