French Toast Imperial Stout | Wicked Weed Brewing

March 13, 2018

French Toast Imperial Stout | Wicked Weed Brewing

Style: Imperial Stout 

ABV: 8.8% 


Breakfast isn't complete without a nice hot plate of french toast; a snow day outside, fresh roasted coffee, and a french toast style imperial stout. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, with a nice maple syrup addition for a well-rounded flavor profile in Wicked Weed's seasonal delight. First off, the art work on this bottle is beyond enticing, the perfectly staked french toast trenched in maple syrup, c'mon? The smell at the head of the beer brings the labeling to life with it's sweet and maple notes. You can get a nice hint of the cinnamon on the nose right before you take that first taste. It feels like your'e biting into a nice toasty, sweet and decadent syrupy masterpiece while it holds a vanilla smoothness finished by a cinnamon bite. I got this roasted thickness throughout the stout, those notes broke up the sweet character so well. The cinnamon added a needed kick to make this a balanced brew to enjoy on such a cold, beautiful day. The rich and sweet style isn't overwhelming, but pleasant and consistent as you keep getting the dark and slightly spiced profiles in this nice thick, dark colored stout. It's a perfect brunch beer especially when you're snowed in. I had been holding off snagging this beer for the last big snow day in Boone, hopefully I timed it right. If i'm wrong, i'll gladly get another one of these awesome stouts. It was well worth the wait. Thank you Wicked Weed! 

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