Fireside Chat | 21st Amendment Brewery

January 09, 2018

Fireside Chat | 21st Amendment Brewery 

Style: Winter Spiced Ale 

ABV: 7.9%


A winter warmer is a must for this time of year, but finding the perfect mesh of spicy and tasty is always a challenge for me. Hoping to taste a wonderful, seasonal delight for that solid buzz in the cold. This, this was it; the color is a ruby red similar to the profile of an amber or dubbel. The aroma, overwhelming with nutmeg, spice, and an almost caramelized scent that hits you like the heat of a fire. At the head of the beer, a tan, frothy foam with tall retention and some slight carbonation coming up from the bottom. I loved the spicy top and nice character with this winter ale. That slow sip into it, you get a surprisingly sweet profile at the front of the Fireside. The finish is a nice spiced and crispy aftertaste that mellows with a flavorful oatmeal style. It warms up your pallet with that spiced flavor and brings back these hints of sweet nutmeg and even oatmeal in it's body. The nutmeg is subtle almost like a garnish or slight finish in a winter warmer, it fits and adds to it so well. All while breaking up the different notes, but that spice cuts strong and stays forward throughout. A relaxing ale with enough kick of spice and alcohol to keep you feeling good, but oh so sweet  in it's own way. Thank you for keeping me warm 21st Amendment Brewery!


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