Fiddler's Dream Unfiltered American IPA | NewGrass Brewing Co.

July 04, 2017

Fiddler's Dream Unfiltered American IPA | Newgrass Brewing Co. 

-Style: American IPA 

-ABV: 6.7% 

This is such a unique India Pale Ale from NewGrass, the Fiddler's dream is not your typical American IPA. Unfiltered is putting it lightly, with it's cloudy body and no clarity to be found, you're not sure what to expect from this interesting beer. With a sweet, hoppy, and fresh aroma it holds a thick, white foam head that balances out and gives you that IPA introduction. The color is a hazy greenish-yellow and that first taste is sweet, almost reminiscent of a farmhouse ale. Yet gives you this fresh rush of American hops and reminds you of it's character. Sweet and light with a refreshing hop kick, Fiddler's dream is a surprising and awesome tasting IPA. The mouthfeel isn't heavy, just sweet and slightly earthy in the aftertaste, giving you that unfiltered pleasure. A dream indeed, thank you Newgrass!! 

By Jordan Propst


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