Eno Hoppy Pilsner | Catawba Brewing Company

August 16, 2017

Eno Hoppy Pilsner | Catawba Brewing Company 

Style: German Pilsner 

ABV: 4.9%


You find yourself hammocking and enjoying the mountain view or the sound of rivers around you. You snag a nice and refreshing beer to bring it all together, the best combination. The collaboration between ENO and Catawba is that perfect hammocking pint; this hoppy pilsner is an interesting take on a german style pilsner. The aroma is lemon grass almost piney with a hint of those malt notes. It brings you outdoors and invites that first sip while gently swinging at your favorite spot.The color is a pale, light yellow and holds a tall and thick foam head, keeping it's retention. The initial taste is hop foward with this lemon grass and fresh character followed by a smooth, crisp malt finish. The mounthfeel of that sweet and light taste lingers, and gives you a break between each hoppy note that stays prominent throughout the beer. It's a unique take and an even better taste all around, thank you Catawba!  

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