Doin Thyme Witbeir | Birdsong Brewing Company

April 24, 2018

Doin Thyme Witbeir | Birdsong Brewing Company

Style: Witbier 

ABV: 4.3%


Herbaceous and floral, this is the perfect beer for sunny afternoons; I love trying new and different styles especially when the spring season brings beers like Birdsong's Witbier. The Doin Thyme is a nice straw yellow color with a hazy body to add to it's unfiltered freshness captured in this Witbier. The foam head was tall and wispy, slightly sticky while it held an egg shell white hue. At it's nose I got fresh cut grass like aroma and a hint of minty, fresh thyme at it's top. The first taste is crispy and floral as it starts to feel more and more smooth when it finished with a fresh, thyme profile. The wheat and crisp backbone holds as you get sweet waves of thyme and floral notes. The character in this 

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