Hopzeit Autumn IPA | Deschutes Brewery

November 07, 2017

Deschutes Brewery | Hopzeit Autumn IPA 

Style: India Pale Ale 

ABV: 7.0% 


Sweet and almost woodsmoked, a crispiness in it's aroma with a slight kick of those hops; an omage to the Warzenbier style lager, but it's own unique flavor. Alike in color, it's copper and almost amber hue with a nice carbonated body and tall, white foam head. This IPA gives you a nice balance of a traditional lager, malty goodness with an almost pine, sharp hop kick at the finish. The style and aroma reminds me of the Autumn season and gives me that nice hop character that brings you back to that India Pale Ale style I personally love. That crisp profile smoothes out the heavy hop notes, this stays constant giving you a well rounded beer. The mouthfeel leaves a noticable stickieness, but doesnt overwhelm you as you drink. For a 7% IPA, I'll take it. Thank you Deschutes! 


A quick thank you from Brew and myself! We appreciate you taking the time to read responsibly through #DAILYBREW (recently only once a week, but that'll change!) and taking part of the "Pint Collective." If you've kept up with us or this is your first time reading, thank you; we want you to know we are currently headed to the Southern Christmas Show for the next two weeks. Meaning, #DAILYBREW will go on hold until after the SCH ends.

Smell Responsibly,

Jordan Propst  

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