Defying Gravity Escape Velocity | D9 Brewing Company

September 13, 2017

Defying Gravity Escape Velocity | D9 Brewing Company 

Style: American WIld ale/ Sour Ale 

ABV: 14.2% 


Sky rocket with style and high intense falvor from this sour, wild ale from D9; interesting enough I love coffee beer and sour ales so combining the two caught my attention immediately. The clarity is cloudy with a solid amount of carbonation building from the bottom. The foam head is almost non existent, extremely thin and quickly fading. Holding a slight orange color that throws you off from the expected dark hue you expect from a coffee and cherry sour. The aroma is heavy cherry, sweet, and spicy with these light hints of coffee in the nose. The taste is very cherry with notes of spice in the charcter of this sour, but you get a nice, smooth coffee finish that stays as the backbone of the beer. It's subtle at first yet it becomes stronger and only adds to the flavor. There is a unique balance to the "Escape Velocity" and with that high ABV, you'll get that feeling of defying gravity as it's so appropriately named. I love the sweetness with the slightly bitter finish in this wild ale. Take your time and thank you D9!

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