Deep State | Catawba Brewing Company

March 27, 2018

Deep State | Catawba Brewing Company 

Style: Baltic Porter 

ABV: 7.2% 


The Deep State is a solid porter of great depth; sorry, I had to..seriously it's got a lot of character and rich flavor for it's style. The deep red colored can with the submarine and aquatic aesthetic stands out while fitting into that Catawba stylized brand. It was nice to give a non coffee or chocolate flavored brew while still getting the classic, traditional, and heavy hitter style porter. At the surface of the Baltic was a thin and tan foam head with little retention and some carbonation headed to the top. At it's nose I enjoyed the crisp, dark, and malty scent that cut your nostrils as I got a hint of a sweet creamy aroma. The color was a dark ruby, almost black hue and I could easily see some carbonation floating it's way to the head of the beer. Overall; the first taste was thick with a slight creamy-toffee profile complementing that forward thickness common in Baltic porters. I could get a nice, crisp body in it's backbone while it gave me a creamy, hop finish at the end of each sip. It got delightfully more and more bitter as you got to the more well-rounded notes of roasted malty flavor. The cream finish and even the thick introduction seemed to mellow while still leaving a bitter aftertaste in the Deep State. The depth and personality is enjoyable in this Catawba brew. Thank you Catawba Brewing!  

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