Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Stout | Ass Clown Brewing

September 11, 2017

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt | Ass Clown Brewing 

Style: American Stout 

ABV: 7.1% 


After seeing "IT" this past weekend I immediately was drawn to snagging something by Ass Clown, mainly to forget the fear from that film (go see it if you have not!) I got a hold of the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt; I typically love coffee and chocolate style dark ales, but I was drawn in by the sea salt aspect of the flavor. This was my first Ass CLown beer and I have to say I dig it. The color is dark, almost black with a thick clarity and slight carbonation coming up from the bottom of the stout. The foam head is thin, wispy, and a dark tan color that mellows in retention as you dive into that heavy chocolate taste. The aroma is a deep chocolate, malty with hints of salt, mirroring those unique and strong flavors. The chocolate style is foward and stays strong until that matly smoothness follows with an aftertaste of salt, heavy salt. It lingers for a while, it's saltiness cuts those thick and heavy notes, giving you a break. Stouts are typically thick and dark, but this stout adds an interesting twist of salty goodness at the end. It reminds me of a nice sweet and salty pastry brewed into this American Stout. Thanks for the tasty distraction Ass Clown! 

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