Cloud Surfer | Trophy Brewing Co.

June 26, 2018

Cloud Surfer | Trophy Brewing Co. 

Style: Modern IPA 

ABV: 6.1%

Ride the cloud and surf into these delicious flavors in this not so traditional IPA. A modern IPA, which apparently is another word for a juicy-New England style. Honestly, I snagged this at "House Of Hops." They had a rad selection and I've been wanting, no needing to get a hold of a Trophy brew. The stylistic canning and artistry is off the charts simplistic, but so freaking appealing. I love the theme and nice, crisp navy color on the label. The simple text and cloud-surfer design. The color of this India pale ale was a nice golden hue with carbonation billowing towards the top. It was slightly hazy, but you could still see through it. I loved the tall egg shell-white head of the beer, at the top was an almost salty and piney aroma. The scent I kept getting at the nose was sweet and fresh all in all. I love that the juicy style is dominant and getting more and more creative as it is prevalent. I appreciated that the "Cloud Surfer" is a...for a lack of a better word...a modern take on an IPA with a nice character in it's flavor profile. I loved the sweet and piney taste, I even got a salty note in the finish. It was slightly fresh and citrus at points while I picked up hints of the juicy profile. Loved it, thanks Trophy!

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