Capt Jack I Old Mecklenburg Brewery

June 22, 2017

Capt Jack I Old Mecklenburg Brewery 

- Style: Pilsner 

-  ABV: 5.8%


An initial sweet and breaded aroma with this light, crisp Capt Jack Pilsner from OMB was Inspired by the rich heritage of the Charlotte, NC area; resting at 5.8% this light pale lager holds a solid golden color with a carbonated body. The initial head is very thin, white, and wispy. It mellows out then almost disappears giving it that strong pilsner character. The taste is so sweet and playful with a hint of bread and honey, but it gives you this smooth, crisp aftertaste reminding you of its malty backbone. The sweetness is balanced with the malts consistently throughout the beer, just a smooth, tasty brew.  Easy, light, and rewarding during these summer days. Thank you Old Mecklenburg Brewery! 


By Jordan Propst 

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