California Dream | Mikkeller Brewing

December 12, 2017

California Dream | Mikkeller Brewing 

Style: Hoppy Pilsner 

ABV: 4.6% 


A sweet wave of style and flavor comes from the "California Dream." Getting a little escape from all this winter weather, a pilsner was the perfect and odd enough choice; we all know I'm not one for super light or simple beers. Mikkeller is not one of those..I had the pleasure of enjoying the 'Beer For Brunch" and it was insanely tasty as it was strong. This hoppy pilsner is a fresh break from the typical dark beers around this season. It's aroma is a fresh, piney scent with hints of that malty character common in a traditional lager. The color is a nice straw yellow with a thin white foam head that almost disappears. Solid body with slight carbonation building up to the head of this dream. You get a wave of hop flavor, very forward followed by a sweet character that finishes with a nice, crisp malt taste. Overall, it's true to the hop and smooth profile with a constant malty crispness. Making for a well rounded pilsner and a unique, tasty style. This beer is a dream, thanks Mikkeller!

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