Bryson City Brown | Nantahala Brewing Company

July 13, 2017

Bryson City Brown | Nantahala Brewing Company

-Style: American Brown Ale 

-ABV: 3.9% 

Nantahala's brown ale holds a solid black color with a dark tan foam head, solid retention and little stickiness. This is a tasty American brown that stands out in flavor and style, with a chocolate and nutty aroma that cuts away that typically bitter scent that a brown or darker beers can have. The initial taste is oatmeal and creamy that settles with a hint of chocolate while finishing with a nutty aftertaste. Easily one of the smoothest  and low alcohol, easy drinking brown ales. Giving you that mountain region vibe and uniqueness in it's brew. Thanks Nantahala!

By Jordan Propst


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