Breaking The Waves | Evil Twin Brewing

March 22, 2018

Breaking The Waves | Evil Twin Brewing 

Style: Imperial Pale Ale 

ABV: 10% 

 Break the waves with such an interestingly balanced and tasty style imperial IPA with lactose and some solid flavor character added to a not so traditional India Pale Ale. The body is hazy and unfiltered with a nice, straw-yellow color; I got a nice vanilla and hoppy aroma on the nose of the beer. The foam head was tall and frothy with a crisp-white hue to bring the style together. That first taste is thick and heavy, but sweet with notes of vanilla and a fresh fruit profile in each sip. I picked up these sort of creamy almost dry fruit flavor that cut through in the mouthfeel, it reminded me of papaya or a not so rich fruit that complemented the sugary character of this Evil Twin IPA. The hop style cuts through and leaves a small bite that kept a well-rounded flavor throughout this imperial. Surprisingly smooth at times, but stayed consistent all in all. I appreciated the wave of hops that reminded you this was a heavy hitter ale for anyone who loves sweet, sugary, and fruity goodness all in one complex brew. It's smooth notes help to mellow that thick hop mouthfeel you love in this particularly style. It reminded me of a hoppy blonde with vanilla added to it, the lactose and hops work so well together and I can't thank Evil Twin Enough!

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