Premium Roast Breakfast Stout | Noda Brewing Company

February 20, 2018

Premium Roast | Noda Brewing Company

Style: Breakfast Stout 

ABV: 5.5% 


Beer for breakfast? Absolutely, I've had the pleasure of expanding my pallet to all types of various coffee, chocolate, and breakfast style porters and stouts. Each holding it's own character and unique, layered flavor profile. The "Premium Roast" is one that stands out especially when this stout embodies my favorite meal of the day. Perfect and light enough to enjoy alongside your brunch and if you're having breakfast for dinner ("BforD".) Noda's stout holds a solid, dark color with a thick body like a fresh morning coffee. The foam head is a light and thin having a brown hue to it. At the head of the beer you get a crisp and roasted aroma hinting at these coffee notes with a slight oak scent. The notes of caramelized and almost sweet profile are very forward; giving you a nice roasted and coffee character making for a well rounded stout style. The two different coffee profiles becomes sticky and constant as you start to pick up on the light, fresh hop kick that feels layered as it's balanced by roasted-bitterness common of stouts. With a complex body it's delicious coffee-roasted backbone is a strong anchor to the variety of flavor most breakfast inspired beers strife for. It's a flavorful and surprisingly light stout that keeps a consistent combination of sweet and dark to a fresh take on such a traditional style. Thanks NoDa!

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