Bootie Beer | Catawba Brewing Co.

June 20, 2017

Bootie Beer | Catawba Brewing Co. 

-Style : India Pale Ale

-ABV: 4.5% 

"Bootie bootie!" is a chant heard when a kayaker bails from his or her kayak or canoe. At that moment they are to chug a beer from a fellow kayaker's shoe. Fortunately this India Pale Ale is a lot easier than that. A collaboration with Astral, a local Asheville kayak company, Catawba created this awesome session like IPA. The aroma is earthy and fresh, bringing you to this instant feel of being outdoors. The foam head starts out thick and white, but mellows out into a thin, slightly sticky top. The color is golden holding a carbonated body, with a slightly haze. The taste is subtle in citrus notes while holding a slight hop bite. The aftertaste is sweet, almost earthy, but is nowhere near overwhelming. This is a playful, creative, and enjoyable IPA that will make you feel like your on the river or back porch. Bootie, bootie Catawba Brewing & Astral! 

By Jordan Propst


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