Boone Creek Blonde | Applachian Mountain Brewery

August 21, 2017

Boone Creek Blonde | Appalchian Mountain Brewery 

Style: Blonde Ale 

ABV: 4.9% 


In honor of the Solar Eclipse, I wanted to snag a nice light beer with solid contrasting style and canning in itself. AMB's Blonde was the first on my mind, with it's true App state colors as it embodies the feel of the High Country, where I caught a glimpse of the eclipse while sipping on this nice blonde ale. The color is a golden-yellow hue with slght carbonation; holding a thick foam head that mellows out as you drink. Laced at the head of the beer is an aroma of honey complimented by a nice, malty scent that cuts through. A crisp and honey taste is very foward, but is followed by a nice sweet almost creamy, orange (citrus) taste that holds it's balance. It's light, refreshing, and that hint of honey helps it to stand out in style. A nice, crisp combination to bring you a solid Blonde Ale to enjoy at any moment. Thank you AMB! 

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