Blackcurrant Nitro | Left Hand Brewing Co.

July 10, 2018

Blackcurrant Nitro | Left Hand Brewing Co. 

Style: Cream Ale 

ABV: 4.7% 

Tart berries in a light, sweet cream ale; I'll try it and yes I am actually left handed so I have a to say I'm partial to any brew they put out. I love their nitro stouts I've had and I've never heard of a cream ale on nitro. Now if you haven't tried a canned nitro beer before don't be afraid, I was hesitant at first too. I will say, you have to have a flexible palate and open mind to enjoy the nitro styles. Especially if it's not a stout or porter, just a darker beer. Black currants with their woodsy and tart profile really adds depth to this brew and the nitro just makes for a smooth drink all together. It even gives it a more layered creamy note. The simple and dark artistry on the 16oz can is rad and fits my appreciation for labeling in the industry. The color was a ruby red with a thick, clouded body while it's foam head was an egg shell white that almost disappears, typical of a nitro pour. The aroma at the nose is very tart and strong with these hints of malty sweetness cutting through. I loved how the flavor stayed strong and tart to match it, I got a tart and fruity forward taste while it finished with this sweet and creamy berry flavor. The profile reminded me of a fruit smoothie with a refreshing light and cream character. I really appreciated how different this was from a juicy IPA or a gose, or even a sour. It was easy, berry, and held that creamy backbone. Also the nitro just made it even more unique and tasty. Thanks Left Hand! 

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