Black Butte Porter | Deschutes Brewery

September 06, 2017

Black Butte Porter | Deschutes Brewery 

Style: Porter

ABV: 5.4% 


Named after the "Black Butte" stratovalcano in Deschutes National Forest this is nice omage to the beauty of that area and an even more solid character for this style of porter. I am used to these creamy and coffee style ales so this is a nice, crisp break from those unique flavors. Deschutes is new to my taste buds within the craft beer scene; just like the "Fresh Squeezed IPA" I am digging this beer from them just as much. I typically love India pale ales and porters alike, this falls into some the better, tastier porters I've had. It holds a dark, black hue with a solid, thick body. Having some slight carbonation coming from the bottom while it's foam head is thinner and slighty sticky. With little head retention you can sip and enjoy the volcanic flavors as they come; the aroma is crispy, malty, with hints of choclate and roasted notes at the head. It's a thick and tasty porter with these dark, malty flavors cut through and leaving a smooth and mellow aftertaste at the finish. thick and crisp, but balanced and smooth as you get towards the end. You won't to as you take a nice hike with this dark stylwe porter. Strong, crisp, and tasty. Thanks Deschutes, we're glad to have you in our hands here in NC. 

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