Black Blaze Milk Stout | Blue Blaze Brewing Company

October 17, 2017

Black Blaze | Blue Blaze Brewing Company 

Style: English-Stout 

ABV: 5.0%


The milk stout from Blue Blaze is the best dark beer to get your pallet ready for the Fall season. A 5.0% stout with a coffee and milky profile is perfect for a mid afternoon after a hike on the parkway, not heavy or overwhelming it's perfect for anytime. WIth a medium body, it'll remind you of a medium roast coffee with a little bot of cream. The color is dark and thick, with slight carbonation pillowing from the bottom while the foam head stays thin and tan. Almost vanishes as you keep sipping, the aroma is rich espresso and hints of roastedness. You get this almost creamy-roasted scent that invites you in for a great first taste. Very coffee foward with that roasted espresso taste, but is met with notes of milk and creaminess that smoothes out the overall taste, with a slight bitter and roasty aftertaste it reminds you a stout. It's smooth with the just the right amount of roasted and chocolate goodness with a nice coffee bite that rings it all together. Craft your own path with the Black Blaze and thank you Blue Blaze!

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