Blizzard of Hops | Troegs Independent Brewing

December 19, 2017

Blizzard of Hops | Troegs Independent Brewing 

Style: Winter India Pale Ale 

ABV: 6.4%


Cloudy in body with a nice, yellow, slightly golden hue. At the nose is a crisp, fruity aroma in this winter IPA. Its color, scent, and unfiltered look completely reminds me of an English style "juicebomb" India Pale Ale, but with it's own seasonal and distinct take on the style. Aptly named, this Blizzard of Hops really captures those bitter characters and gives you a balance between the citrus and pine profiles. With a thin and white foam head, the wispy top is inviting for a first sip. The taste initially is a slightly bitter and hop forward with some flavor notes of citrus that cut through. It finishes with a sticky mouth-feel and piney aftertaste. In the next few sips, the bitterness mellows out a little and this IPA starts to give you more of a fruity sweetness and more pronounced fresh, almost minty, pine profile at the finish. This winter ale is overall juicy and refreshing, and balances well its sweetness and fresh hops to keep each new sip enjoyable. You might also notice it keeps a solid head-retention, sticking to the side as minimal carbonation settles towards the head of the beer. The El Dorado and Galaxy hops come together for such a tasty reminder that there are great IPA's, even in the coldest time of year! Thank you, Troegs! 


Jordan Propst

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