Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale | HighLand Brewing Company

July 10, 2017

Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale | HighLand Brewing Company

-Style: Fruit | Tart ale 

-ABV: 5.4% 

This tart raspberry ale falls somewhere between a saison and a rather tart sour. It's hazy and carbonated body gives you this earthy and fruity vibe, and with a pinkish-white thin foam head it holds together a unique, tasty profile. The aroma is sweet and of fresh raspberries. The color is light pink and holds a slight haze giving you that fresh garden feel and a fruity scent that invites you to take your time with this tart ale. The first sip is very raspberry heavy and gives you that sour-tart backbone that any saison or sour beer lover would enjoy. Overall this a very tart brew that requires subtle sips to get the full flavor and notes of fresh raspberries with that balanced sour taste. Thank you Highland!

By Jordan Propst


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