Biere De Garde | Ponysaurus Brewing

May 22, 2018

Biere De Garde | ponysaurus Brewing 

Style: Biere De Garde 

ABV: 6.30% 


Hear me roar-neigh..This traditionally malt style beer was fresh, sweet, and with  appreciated hop character that rounded out the finish of the Biere De Garde. It held a sweet and crisp aroma at the nose of this beer; it's foam head was thinner, but wispy and white in color. Lets talk about the ridiculously cool can, I love the grey-ish and white..of course the subtle joking text and owning of the name is dope. Having a bad ass artistry of the ponysaurus creature on the front, you've got to dig the stylistic branding plus the dedication to this mythical creature, just made me down to check it out. That and the fact that JP snagged this for me due to his love for the German and Hefeweizen style beers out there (not typically for me, but i'll try anything once.) I loved this because it was an NC beer, but looked like a special canning select you would get at a bottle shop. It really had a nice sweet backbone with a malty crispness that added a needed layer to the profile of this little "dino-pony." The finish was smooth and I tasted a slight hop bite that had a sort of an earthy note to it that made it feel light and approachable for me. Really, this is a totally enjoyable drink with a sweet and crisp flavor that anyone can appreciate. Thank you ponysaurus! 

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