Beer Geek Brunch | Mikkeller Brewing

August 22, 2017

Beer Geek Brunch | Mikkeller Brewing 

Style: Imperial Stout 

ABV: 10.9%


This an intense and tasty breakfast style brew; Any "beer geek" would dig this coffee style imperial stout. Like brunch, this is a drink to be enjoyed relaxing while taking your time. At 10.9% it's high in alcohol, but it's still smooth and delcious all in all. The foam head is tall, sticky, and tan in color while holding a roasted coffee aroma with a dark hint of malty bitterness. It almost froths over like a nice brewed latte.The body is slightly carbonated, but the beer is dark and thick in clarity while the retention is strong, it mellows as you keep sipping. That initial taste is strong and slightly bitter with a heavy coffee profile, finishing with a creamy and bitter note. The mouthfeel is identical to your morning coffee, but doesn't linger and is cut by this leftover creaminess. You can pick up some roasted malt characters and even a small flavor of the subtle hops in this imperial. I'm a huge fan of coffee and oatmeal stouts, but this is honestly one of my favorites for it's true to "brunch" style and outstanding flavor. Take your time and enjoy your Beer Geek. Thank you Mikkeller!

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