Beer For Breakfast Stout | Dogfish head Craft Brewery

August 14, 2017

Beer For Breakfast | Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 

Style: Stout 

ABV: 7.3% 


A combination of the perfect breakfast meal and a dark, coffee style stout. Dogfish Head's unique and interesting brew satisfies you with the flavors of the most imoprtant meal of the day. The body is thick holding a slight ruby color with a thin and slighty sticky foam head with low retention. The aroma is heavily coffee and sweet with a hint of cooked bacon on the head; the flavors come through in that first taste. That sip is fresh roasted coffee foward with a nice maple syrup balance, finishing with that smokey bacon note. All around a huge mix of flavors, but that coffee and maple sweetness is at the backbone of this stout. You can pick up a hint of creamy notes jsut before the crispiness of smoked bacon comes through. I personally love coffee style beers and breakfast is my favorite meal, anytime. This stout is the best beer for your breakfast, it's tasty and balanced, but is still heavy and you'll want to take your time to enjoy all the rich, unique character in this beer. Thank you Dogfish head!

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