Baba Budan | Appalachian Mountain Brewery

September 28, 2017

Baba Budan | Appalachian Mountain Brewery 

Style: Coffee IPA 

ABV: 6.6%


Coffee and hops together? Interesting and delicious collaboration between AMB and Fanta Flora. I had the oppurtunity to try out this IPA on tap last year and fell in love with it and I've had on several pint nights in the tap room since the release this year. I had to snag a 4-pack and try it canned. Still dig it; Having a nice coffee and hoppy aroma at the head of the beer and a tall and white foam head with some fluff and carbonation. The color is a solid copper and holds a slight haze in it's clarity. That intial taste is bitter coffee with a nice heavy hop kick at the finish, this balance of flavor goes on throughout the entire beer. Take your time, like your morning coffee and let the hops remind you you're actually still drinking an IPA. You'll want to sip and appreciate the strong body and notes that cut through as you do. It'll get a little sweeter as you get towards the end, but that coffee profile will linger in the best way as the hop kick mellows. I love the Baba Budan, thanks AMB and Fonta! 

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