Astronomical IPA | Wicked Weed Brewing

April 03, 2018

Astronomical IPA | Wicked Weed Brewing 

Style: India Pale.Ale 

ABV: 7.7% 


An IPA that's out of this world and crashed into my pallet with a nice, swift kick of galactic hoppy goodness. Recently I've only enjoyed Wicked's porters or sours that come from the "Funkatorium," but I had to try this India Pale Ale. The pop of symmetry and color drew me in, I always appreciate the stylist branding with each individual can from them. I love the pop of color and the different use of symmetrical art work, I dig the owning of the name and us of space on the can. I felt like the art mirrored the style so well. The body is a nice carbonation billowing from the bottom all the way to the tall-white head, holding a nice bubbly and sticky foam top. The color is a nice golden hue with an almost orange tint which only adds to the character of this heavily hopped beer. The aroma was sweet and earthy at the nose, but has a fruity and tart hint to the overall feel. The first taste was sweet and smooth, but a full-bodied hop kick of fruit and bite hits you like a wave, but settled so quick. Making for a balanced IPA with solid hop profile and sweet, fruit notes to keep it layered and interesting. It left a small bitter aftertaste that didn't linger as much as I thought it would. All in all, it's delightfully sweet and bitter in the right hits of flavor as the notes complemented each other to the very last drop. Thank you Wicked Weed!

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