A IS FOR APRICOT | Evil Twin Brewing Company

July 18, 2017

A IS FOR APRICOT | Evil Twin Brewing Company

-Style: Gose 

-ABV: 4.5% 

Fresh and interesting, this is a fruity and light gose like most, but stands out in style and flavor. The aroma is of fresh apricots and tartness lacing the nostrils, it's perfect. The color is almost wheat yellow and slightly hazy with a nice carbonation. The head is a thin and white and not heavy. Introducing us to that tart fruit style, the first taste is salt heavy, but that apricot flavor cuts through and sticks around with a lingering tartness that leaves a fresh, sweet aftertaste. All the flavors balance and mellow with one another throughout. Familiar or comparable to a light sour, the A is for Apricot is refreshing, salty, and sweet all to the last drop. Thank you Evil Twin! And to the rest of Brew crew for the selection!

By Jordan Propst

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