Welcome to the Brew Movement

April 13, 2017

Hello, my name is Jake Oller, and I am the COO of Brew Candle Company. Our company is comprised of great company - three guys who I consider some of my closest friends, and, of course, myself. The way we have already begun to transform as individuals, friends, and business partners since the four of us officially came together as Brew in January of 2017, is both humbling and inspiring.

When JP (our Founder and CEO) came to me a few months back and asked if I wanted to work on this project with him, ya know, making Craft Beer Inspired candles by hand-pouring them into a reusable pint glass, all I could really do was chuckle, shrug my shoulders, and say “Sounds great! When can we get started?”

Since that day, I have been privileged enough to be able to come together with my friends a few days a week, usually over a cold pint or two, to discuss how we can do our part in expanding and developing the Craft Beer industry, and, more specifically, the Craft Beer community in our own fresh and unique way. This way, our way, just happens to be bringing people together over the warmth and comforting scent from one of our candles - similar to sitting down over a beer with your friends or family.

Remaining focused on this community aspect is what is most important to us. In any community we might find ourselves, our goal is to create close, personal relationships with all people and businesses we come into contact with. Right now our eyes are set on the diverse talent in our home state of North Carolina: we have made custom candles for Southern Range Brewing Co. (Monroe, NC) and Blowing Rock Brewing Company (Blowing Rock, NC), are in discussions with local retailers here in Boone, NC (Benchmark Provisions, Cornbread Tactical), and are even working with different student groups on Appalachian State University’s campus to solidify our home-base network and make sure we are doing our part, here, at home. Our roots will always be important to us.

As we look towards what is on the horizon for Brew Candle Company in 2017, we will be working to attend Craft Beer Festivals around the state and South East Region, establishing ourselves locally in Boone, NC, continuing to fill and ship orders on our website, preparing for the Southern Christmas show this Fall, and working with AsSeenOnTV for our personalized infomercial that should air around the holidays this year.

Stay tuned for new All About Beer articles, our Daily Brew beer reviews (Monday-Thursday), and our Subtle Notes Radio podcast (first episode is coming within the week).

We are Brew Candle Company. Welcome to the Brew Movement.

-Jake Oller

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