Content Creation

November 28, 2017

So yes we make candles and yes we drink beer, but that isn't all we do!

We also create! Especially while drinking coffee at E News. Creation to us is one of the most import things that we do. Whether it be through blogs, pictures, or candles we love making something out of nothing.

The following is how each of us at Brew Candle Co. spend our time creating!

 Meet David.

David is our product creator. Not featured is his grimace after he realized I was taking a picture of him. David does a lot to craft the candles that you guys get. He spends countless hours researching trends of fragrances as well as trends in seasonal beers in order to decide what candles get put into production. 

One of his passions is, colors and how things look. That is why our candles are so well colored, he's honestly a little obsessed.  

This is Jake.

If you don't know him, he is responsible for all of our sales and operations. He creates by coordinating our sales and the expansion of our company! That includes working with our retailers, marketing and advertising, as well as how our internal operations become more organized. He is integral in how we grow and how you receive our awesome candles.

Also, this is his spreadsheet making face.

My name is JP.

Here at Brew Candle Co. it is my job to help facilitate and set the path for the growth of our brand. I am able to be creative by determining much of the aesthetic and branding for our company. I love making graphics pleasing to the eye and making everything; our branding, our site, our content, look cohesive! I also help in creation of the candles as well as the overall look of our product!

As you can tell I'm not great at selfies.

And this guy with the beautiful mug is Jordan.
Jordan creates by dictating how and when we interact with our audience. He controls all social media and coordinates posts to get the best reach. He also creates by inventing all the different kinds of content that we provide. Whether it's the subject matter for our podcast or the type of picture we post on Instagram, it is usually from the dome of this man here.
This is in fact his favorite t-shirt.



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